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When calculating the cost to build a new modular home you must first understand the process and the associated cost that are involved. Begin with the modular building:

   1. You have selected a plan from our web site and see the estimated cost of the modules built by the manufacturer. This price includes what we use as "Our Standard Specification". This specification describes type of framing, sheathing, windows, doors, trim. ect. This gives you a good starting point, adjustments can always be made if necessary. It may not seem like a lot but the specifications can increase or decrease the cost substantially! An example of this would be changing all carpet to hardwood flooring or vinyl siding to wood siding!.
   2. Next comes the cost of the on-site contracting work needed to physically place the modules on the site. This includes items such as foundation, excavation, tree removal, water and sewer lines or well and septic system depending on the lot, modular finish, electrical connections, plumbing and heating system.

  The cost of the construction tasks needed to complete your modular home is governed by the amount and type of site work, “button-up” work, and site-built structures your project requires. It's not that we don't want to give you a on site construction price it's that it cannot be done without knowing all of the variables involved. Common questions would include:
Has the building lot been surveyed? Is the lot wooded? How far off the road will the home be built? If you are 1000' feet off the road it will naturally cost more to build a driveway, bring power to the house and increase clearing cost than if you were 50' off the main road!.
Is the lot on a hill or in a hole? Will additional fill need to be brought in for final grade? What are you personally looking for? Do you want to be involved and do things like building your own deck? Install your own landscaping? Doing some of the work yourself is not only rewarding but can save you money!

Step one to get useful ballpark estimates for both your modular home and contracting cost begins with your floor plan, building specifications and site plan showing requirements for the property. Remember the more detailed the information, the more accurate the modular home package cost will be. Southern New England Modular has been in the modular business since 1986 and can offer our simple tools to help in this estimating process. Good luck with persuing your dream of building your new home! Please feel free drop us a note or give a call with any questions!

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