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Why I Hired Southern New Englannd Modular To
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Preparing the site properly is a crucial step in the modular building process.  Your new home will typically arrive in two, four or possibly more sections. These "boxes" as they are called require adequate access which may mean removal trees, rock walls or creating spaces to temporarily store the boxes. The site must also have a crane area a clear, level unobstructed area from which the crane will set to pick the boxes and place them on the foundation. The excavation contractor must be aware of these requirements and keep them in mind while developing the site. The contractor will be responsible for clearing trees and stumps, excavating the foundation hole, installing drainage piping around foundation, backfilling the foundation and installing the septic system or piping for city utilities. The excavation contractor will provide trenching for well or city water and underground piping for electric if required. After the home has been set the contractor will complete septic installation, final grading and driveway and walk ways. Again each site is different and will have its own specific requirements. You as the homeowner may also want to be involved and take on items such as raking and seeding or landscaping as a way to save a few dollars and complete yourself. Excavation is a very crucial step - the site must be prepared properly to ensure a safe and suitable working area, short cuts with site improvements will create very expensive and in some cases dangerous situations. Talk to a qualified experienced excavation contractor - you'll be very happy in the long run!   

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