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Building our new home was such a pleasure with John of Southern New England Modular homes! Johns incredible patience and understanding has allowed my family to enjoy the new home of our dreams. Every detail we asked for John managed to work into our plan. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!  - Frank Wilson

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I cannot believe it has been two years since we built our new home! The kids love their playroom and my husband loves his basement!  Thanks Again - Joanne Hart
If your thinking of building a modular home - GO to Southern New England Modular Homes! They really are a great group. I love my new home and would do it again! Best of Luck - Betty Knox
I have been in the real estate business for over forty years. I have worked with many, many contractors and have found it a pleasure to work with the guys at Southern New England Modular Homes. My company has built several modular homes ranging from 1000 sqft to over 3500 sqft and have always had a great experience. I was so pleased in fact  I built my own son's home with Southern New England! Best of Luck - Mac McCorrision
Southern New England Modular Homes has been outstanding to work with on my new home project! From the planning to design, to the actual build it has been a pleasure! I would highly recommend Southern New England Modular to all my friends and family!
Designing your new home can be a very fun and rewarding time. Using our in house Cheif Architect program we can take your pencil sketches and turn them into working drawings complete with elevations and interior walk thru's. When starting your new design keep the following tips in mind.
* Square footage
* Number of bedrooms
* Rooms of importance, do you want a formal dining room or a large open kitchen with a center island eating area?
* Special rooms, kids open playroom, home office, or a home gym
* Number and style of baths, are you looking for a large master bath with a whirlpool tub and seperate shower area? Do you want to combine a laundry area with a bath?
These are just a few examples of the types of questions we will explore when starting your design.
We Have Our Hand Sketch What's Next?
Using your basic sketches and ideas we will develop a preliminary floor plan. This plan will allow us to demension room sizes and place bath fixtures according to building codes. Often a hand sketch may allow for more room than what is actually available in the foot print. At this point we will also include windows, exterior and interior doors plus kitchen and bath fixtures and cabinets.
The Preliminary Design Is Done Now What?
With a preliminary floor plan you can now look at each room and the flow of rooms together to determine if this plan works for your family needs. Need to make changes? No problem once entered into our system we can move objects, rearange kitchens or baths, and add special features. Thinking about a whirpool tub in place of the standard tub shower? We can now determine if and how it will fit. Want to add a breakfast bar center island? With the design complete we can add islands and creat views.
The Plan Is Complete Let's Go Outside!
Not only can we work on the interior but exterior can be customized as well. We can add different siding, roof shingles and trim. The colors can also be adjusted to show which combination works best for you. Garages, porches and decks can all be added to give a complete package of how your new home will look. Since 1986 we have been building modular homes throughout Connecticut and this software package has helped many avoid costly mistakes.
Thinking Of Building a New Home? Where To Begin?
Dreaming of a new home and don't know where to begin? Let Southern New England Modular Homes help you plan and build your new home. Begin with a pencil and paper and put your ideas to work. Using the internet, plan books or friends and family gather ideas of the basic features you will want to include in your design. Create a basic layout of the proposed layout and stop in to our office, below is a sample of a submitted floor plan.
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We built with Southern New England Modular Homes because we heard nothing but good things about them and their product! All were true they were great to work with and build a great home! Thanks and good luck - Chris & Danete, Niantic
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