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Why modular?
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How do we go about designing a new home?
outhern New England Modular Homes, Inc will design your custom home specific to your new home requirements. We will turn around your home design quickly once you have met with us. Your home plans will consist initially of detailed floor plans and home elevations and we will work with you (revisions) until your dream home design is completed.
Once the final engineering is approved, our plans are then stamp by a third party that provides an independent review of the design, structural calculations and state codes that have already been incorporated in your home plans. The stamp plans have many different types of design and engineering information such as detailed floor layouts, electric, heat calculations, structural and other required information for you to pull permits and ultimately receive final certificate of occupancy
Our building specifications and brand products that are built into your home are high quality construction and name recognized suppliers and we offer many options to meet your customization needs.
We use the latest construction technology and we believe all homes can readily be adapted to use our in-house modular construction techniques. Home customization is our specialty such as custom sized modular boxes and bump outs, 9' foot ceilings and tray type ceilings, vaults, archways, longer spans for room utilization, large drop in dormers, hip roofs, shed roofs for added space on capes, panelization such as garages and other unique construction looks such as custom electric (speaker, cat 5, low voltage cabinet lighting, alarm) and radiant floor heat to meet higher end option requirements are just some of the examples of the customization done at Southern New England Modular.
When each home is completed, it will consist of a series of modules. Trucks deliver the modules to the building site. Assembled together on the foundation, the modules form a permanent structure. Your new custom built modular home will be manufactured and delivered to the building site where your excavation contractor will handle the acquisition of all necessary permits, site preparation, foundation and utility work. Your new home a dream come true!
New Floor Plans!
We have had an incredibly busy winter designing many new homes. We will be adding these new standard floor plans to our catalogue this spring. As you look through our site please feel free to drop us a note with any questions regarding your new home project.
Plumbing Tips From Paul!
When planning your new home don't overlook the future use of unfinished areas. With the high cost of construction materials today's home buyers must look at creative ways to squeeze the most out of every building dollar! Incorporating below slab plumbing is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable square footage at a relatively small dollar cost explains Paul "I see a lot of smaller homes utilizing basement areas with walk out window and doors as a family room, game room or playroom". Simply by adding a bath or utility area the room becomes part of the home not the basement! The other option to consider is under slab plumbing to prevent waste and vent lines from ruining future bonus space.
Don't Forget Details You Don't See!
Recently while working the interior finish of our home the building inspector stopped in for inspection and was very surprised to see RC-2 steel channel used in the construction of our homes! He noted what a nice finish that it provided for the drywall and eliminated the need of all the flamable glue that is normally used in modular construction!  This is another fine example of the industry leading techinques implemented into the construction.
Forget The Cost Of Oil!
Today's high cost of heating oil doesn't have a chance when a new combination boiler from Benjiman is installed! say's Jeff Dewitt from Maine Wood Furnace. Our home in East Hampton recently installed the CC500 model which burns wood or oil. Straker Plumbing completed the install and was very pleased with the quality and features this unit offers. Tying into the homes hot water baseboard system is a real bonus when heating with wood.
From Jeff
"The Benjamin line of Combination units, when used properly, will increase the convenience and pleasure you receive from heating your home with wood, and yet still give you the convenience and reliability of heating with fuel oil."
Modular...... All The Way!
Southern New England Modular and KBS Building systems
proves again why we are the industry leaders! How about a complete on demand boiler system by Navien mounted with all controls ready for final connections shipped with your home! This unit will be installed in the basement after the home has been set. We connect our pex heat loops (Again complete from the factory!) and water lines, supply a LP gas line, and fill with water. With over 28 years in the modular home business we can provide you with the latest technology.
Meet Jay Atkisson plant foreman for KBS Building Systems. Jay has worked in all different phases of the modular building process, starting with his father setting homes throughout New England then working on the production line as a mechanic Jay has progressed to foreman. Over seeing all phases of the entire facility    and joining engineering with production this job demands attention to every detail. As Jay states "Every home that is produced at KBS represents a home buyer that put their trust in us to build there home. We take that trust very seriously and work hard to make each and every home quality first!" 
Forced hot air heating and central air? Meet Mark and Kevin from L&M who specialize in HVAC systems. Working with 
Southern New England Modular has been a very sucessful and enjoyable experience intergrating a traditional warm air system into a factory built modular home. The HVAC layout is designed prior to construction of the units. The first floor ducting is accessed from the basement, a plenimum which is the main feed runs the length of the basement with branch lines feeding the individual first floor rooms.

The photo to the left shows the chase which houses the feed and the return for the second floor. Once into the attic space another plenimum is ran the length of the home with second floor feeds going to the individual rooms.
Here the entire system is installed and operational. Notice the simple venting system which is nothing more that a couple of PVC pipes that are vented to the exterior. The unit shown is a LP gas fired unit which has been leading the industry as the most cost effective fuel choice. Please feel free to drop us a note or call with any questions. Thanks and good luck with your new home plans! -  Mark L&M

Septic Installation With Tim:
Today we use modern materials specially designed for our septic systems explains Tim White owner of Precision Excavation. The 4 foot vaulted Infiltrator chambers replace traditional PVC pipe and crushed stone. The chambers are buried, locked end-to-end and capped with dome-shaped end plates to create a large half-tube structure. Effluent from a septic tank flows freely into the chambers and is filtered efficiently into the soil absorption area. In addition, septic outflow can be split with a distribution box so the chambers can run parallel to each other in order to minimize the footprint of the leach field.
With the new regulations regarding septic systems your site engineer can determine the most efficient and cost effective system for your property based on your test hole data. When looking at land we stress to the importance of site plans with this information so an accurate estimate can be created. Without site information the estimate then becomes a site guesstimate!

Stamped Concrete! The Possibilities are endless!
Working on our Colchester house Ernie and his team are installing a patio and walk way using a pattern called "Ashlar Slate".  The patio is colored then stamped using the rubber pads which  are seen in the photo below to the right of the slab.  A sealant is added to protect the color and the concrete. With minimal maintanence this surface can be used for years to come!