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Your new modular home will arrive from the factory with the kitchen, bathroom including tubs, vanities and toilets set in place and stubbed into the basement. If you will be heating with hot water the factory also supplies and installs the baseboard units and stubs each tail into the basement. The venting for these fixtures will be stubbed into the attic space for on site connection. Your plumbing contractor will connect all drainage lines for waste from each fixture (toilet, sinks and showers) to the exit location leading to the septic or city sewer system. He will then complete the domestic water for the kitchen and baths. Water entering the basement will either include a well tank or city water meter; this will be cold water supply. From this point it will feed a hot water maker (either on demand boiler or electric hot water heater) then will feed each fixture. The basement work will also include supplying two exterior faucets for hose connections and depending on fuel, either a gas line or oil tank with fill lines. The heating system either oil or gas will be supplied, installed and vented. The hot water loop from each baseboard unit can be connected and water added to the system. The plumber then goes to the attic to complete all vent stacks that are stubbed into this space. With the completion of the attic vents the home is plumbed and ready to go! Keep in mind if you will be installing ceramic tile in the baths or granite countertops in the kitchen those fixtures will need to be installed in addition to the standard connections.

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